Dear friends,
Given the directive from the governor of shelter in place I am cancelling the drive up service option for tomorrow. We will however continue with the live stream and communion distribution via your vehicle at 11:30. I believe that we fall under paragraph 11 Essential Businesses and Operations section C. The provision states: “Businesses and religious and secular nonprofit organizations, including food banks, when providing food, shelter, and social services, and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise needy individuals, individuals who need assistance as a result of this emergency, and people with disabilities;”
May this season of seclusion be a time of enriched family life and growth in the Holy Spirit.

Fr. Brian 

Dear Christ Church Family,
Let me begin by saying I miss you! All of us are feeling the toll of isolation and yet we know it is for the greater health of our population. Therefore we are creatively making adjustments that will still connect our hearts to one another and to the LORD. I want to thank all of you that connected to our live stream service last Sunday. It is critical that we continue to integrate Holy moments into our lives. Speaking of which, here are the options for this coming Sunday March 29th.
Live stream via YouTube, look for the Christ Church Anglican Butte page. Videos from last Sunday will be posted as well as the live stream for this coming Sunday starting at 9:55 am.
Drive In at our parking lot. As you park your vehicles you can tie into our CCA guest WiFi with your phone, IPad, or laptop. The password is Advent2015. 
Drive Through. We will set up cones in order for people to drive through and receive the sacrament by our rear entrance (next to the shed). Starting at 11:30, I will distribute consecrated bread in special containers for those who would like to receive. We are taking all precautions to keep them sanitary.
As always please extend grace to us as we figure out how to do new things well. Speaking of which– I would encourage you in this time of isolation to pick up some new habits that can bless your walk with the Lord. I will be giving a brief live stream via our Facebook page later on today, but essentially I would ask that you would consider praying the Offices (Morning, Noon, Evening, Compline). Even if you experiment with one or a few of them I think you would be blessed. The new Prayer Book gives an option for Family (shortened) or Regular prayer and it would be a nice break from Netflix or a news network!
Here is a link that will even pick the Scriptures for you:
Regular: www.dailyoffice2019.com
Family: www.dailyoffice2019.com/family/
We are also considering a Compline via Zoom videoconferencing but more on that later.
I know its a tremendous amount of adjustment but I also know our Lord Jesus meets us at such times. Be encouraged in Him!
Your Servant in Christ,
Fr. Brian