Part Time Worship Coordinator Job Description, Christ Church Anglican, Butte Montana


Christ Church is seeking a disciple of Jesus Christ who desires to offer their gifts unto the glory of their Lord.  This particular disciple must have a passion for exalting the Holy Trinity through praise in a corporate setting.  Here are some of the necessary qualifications:

  • Be able to listen to the Holy Spirit and know what helps lead a congregation into His presence.
  • Help organize and coordinate the worship teams so that all involved can have plenty of advance notice.
  • Have the capacity to play an instrument that will assist vocals in song.
  • Help facilitate rehearsals.
  • Must be music literate, but also know the character of a particular song (i.e. joyous praise, longing intimacy,           solemn conviction) so that a ‘table may be set’ for the Lord to interact with His people (thematic approach).
  • Familiarity with (or a willingness to learn) the rhythm of Anglican worship.
  • Willingness to work with Father Brian on a weekly basis to plan Sunday’s Worship.
  • Ability to integrate traditional and more contemporary styles of music within our worship service.
  • Seek out new praise songs and help train others in the use of such music.
  • Maintain music library.
  • Promote and encourage the music offerings found in the body of Christ Church.
  • Facilitate use of Worship music in outreach.
  • Expected hours are 25-30 per week.
  • Expected compensation is $17,420 a year as an employee.
  • Contact Fr. Brian: (406)782-2877,