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Baptized and Clothed In Christ . . .
Nia Rose Dominguez – January 12, 2020
 John Michael Dominguez – January 12, 2020
Patrick James Dominguez – January 12, 2020
Rain Marie Seifert -December 2, 2019
Jerrod Michael and Jasmine Noel Dominguez – November 24, 2019
Weston Thomas Berger – November 24, 2019
Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, a small group the CCA family gathered safely for the Feast Day of Sts. Peter and Paul at Clark Park in Butte. 
The celebration was on July 6, a week after the official feast on the Anglican calendar.  The original day of the event, June 29, got literally “washed out” because of a flash flood warning!  All enjoyed an evening of pasties, poetry (original limericks from parishioners), and learning about Peter and Paul –in sunny 70 degree weather.
Click the link below to see the Blessing of the Fathers on Father’s Day, June 21. God, continue to bless our fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, and all men who nurture the Christian faith and deep love of children everywhere.
Our Feast Day celebrating the lives of Christian reformers John and Charles Wesley was a great success last Monday, March 2. We invited our friends from Aldersgate Methodist Church to join us for the meal and share their knowledge of the Wesleys, known as the founders of Methodism. Two quilts were raffled off to benefit the International Evangelization Outreach. $976 was raised for Bishop Iliudi’s mission in Tanzania. p.s. The Fish and Chips were deliciously prepared by some of our men in the parish. Yum!
On January 17, our
CCA family celebrated our gratitude for our clergy, Fr. Brian and Deacon Nan, but also our appreciation for Patti and Jim Burt.  Patti, and her husband Jim, have served in music ministry for over 30 years –Patti as a music coordinator and leader, and Jim as a musician and sound technician. 
Patti and Jim are entering their retirement journey.  We thank them for their service to CCA and the wider Church and look forward to having them participate in music ministry here when their new season allows it.  
On February 15 and 16, Bishop Iliudi Assangya visited CCA to share the story of the misssionary work being done through International Evangelisation Outreach.  (IEO)
We enjoyed a lovely beef dinner (Bishop loves beef!), wine raffle, and display of two quilts which will be raffled off on March 2.  All proceeds of the dinner and raffles go to IEO.  Bishop also gave a beautiful message at Morning Prayer.  Blessings, Bishop Iliudi!
Here are the quilts being raffled on March 2 to support the International Evangelism Outreach, Bishop Iliudi’s mission to Tanzania. These beautiful works were made by a group of CCA women who love the Lord and love quilting! For raffle tickets, contact Bonnie Chatriand at (406) 855-8155.The pink and blue one is a twin size/couch size. The “Old Guys Rule” quilt below is a queen size.